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frankiezafe is a pseudo i use for my online presence.
It appeared in the the early 00's .
I kept it because my family name is generally hard to spell in english  (the 'j' & the 'g') and difficult to pronounce by non-french speakers.
And also because i like it.

François Zajéga

Born in 1979
Lives & works in brussels

This is the "official" section of my website, by opposition to the lab.
The purpose of this section is to present my work in a short and non-technical way, sorted by common categories in visual art, such as "digital" or "paper".
If you dig a bit lower, you'll understand that i don't care about these convenient categorisation of art. See "about" for more details.

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About the design of this section.
Thanks to Carsten Nicolai for his inspiring "Grid index"!
Read more about this here

VOID - more
with Roald Baudoux

Inner landscapes - objects. more

Tumbleweed - more

Tanukis project (performance / installation). more

Carnages - serie of generative videos. more

Disrupted cities project
With Loïc Rebrousière

Broken lines project
Photo by Nicolas Sherban Vidick